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EquiCloth; safe and gentle for your horse, extremely absorbent, soft yet durable.

Made from high quality microfibre EquiCloth® products have been manufactured to provide the ultimate combination of softness, absorption, cleaning power and durability.

These versatile products can be used for a wide variety of tasks; Wash horses down using shampoo or perfumed washes and an EquiCloth®, after you have washed down sweat scrape your horse, wring out your cloth and towel your horse dry, keep wringing your cloth out and it will keep drying your horse!

Use wet or damp to remove stable stains.

Use damp or dry to remove dust from your horses coat.

Use wet or damp to remove sweat marks.

Use to apply fly repellent.

Use to clean tack or your boots.

Use damp to remove loose hair after clipping.

Use to hot cloth after clipping.

Pop a damp cloth into a plastic bag and take to shows, it will stay damp in the bag.
40 x 40 cm black cloth


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