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NAF Instant Magic Buy two syringes get one syringe free.
Magnesium is an essential nutrient to the horse’s wellbeing, and among it’s many roles is the regulation of nervous tension. As magnesium also acts on muscle tension, a horse low in magnesium may appear ‘tight’ in his way of going, and express anxiety, excitability and a lack of confidence. Low magnesium may be caused by a grazing deficiency, or simply a horse or pony’s individual metabolism. Magnesium levels can also be reduced by regular travel and competition. Magic is more than just magnesium, it also contains a blend of herbs chosen for their traditional use in supporting confidence and concentration. The unique blend of magnesium and herbal support of Magic enables the horse to tackle all that is asked of him calmly and confidently. Instant Magic uses bio-available magnesium combined with a fast acting herbal base for an effective instant calming effect. Instant Magic is recommended for horses who only require the use of a calmer on an immediate, short term basis for specific potentially stressful situations; such as competition, clipping, travelling or a visit from the farrier or dentist. In addition it can be used to top up the calming effect of a daily Magic supplement as and when needed. Note: Instant Magic does not contravene FEI rules and is safe for use in all horses.


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