Woof wear hot and cold packs

Woof wear hot and cold packs


Woof Wear Hot & Cold Pack

Removable hot and cold gel pack to be used in conjunction with the Woof Wear Ice Therapy Boot.

Application Guide:

For cold use – Haematomas, sprains, injuries, high temperature and whenever cold application is required. Cold water 1. Place pack in a bucket of cold water. 2. Remove and place pack in cotton liner of boot and apply.


1. Store in a freezer for at least 1h30 – 2hrs before use. Gel is designed to be frozen in a domestic freezer which is generally set at -3°C.

2. Put in boot and apply to affected area – straight from freezer, pack will remain ice cold for an approximately 30 minutes depending on nature and heat of injury and outside temperature.

For warm use – Stiffness, rheumatism and whenever hot application is required. Hot water 1. Place pack in boiling water for no more than 5 minutes. 2. Remove and place pack in boot and apply. Microwave

1. Place pack in microwave for a maximum of 1 minute at 600 watts.

2. Place in boot and apply.

Caution! – When pack is at desired temperature, never apply directly to skin. If discomfort is shown remove for a few moments then re-apply.

Do not break the bag or use if torn or punctured. External use only.


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